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How Beautifully Inspired Jewelry began

I have always had a passion for creating handmade jewelry.  This was a hobby that started when I was only 17 years old selling my handmade macrame jewelry to friends and family.

Years later I found myself creating a mustard seed pendant as a reminder to have faith when life seems difficult and it reminded me of God's great love and grace for each of us if we only have a tiny bit of faith - as small as a mustard seed.  Bible verse Matthew 17:20 speaks to all of us, if you only have Faith as small as a Mustard Seed...Nothing will be Impossible for you.

My jewelry is designed and handcrafted to honor God's word with a coordinating wallet size scripture card to go with each piece of handmade jewelry.

The butterfly in the flowers you see above is from an original photograph taken in Maui while waiting for the butterfly to open it's wings.  This is where the idea was born to incorporate God's beauty and word into each piece of custom made jewelry as a reminder of God's unconditional love and grace for us.  The butterfly also represents a new beginning.


Belinda Charland
Beautifully Inspired Jewelry

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